New Standard Coffee Roastery is a Columbus, Ohio based roastery dedicated to crafting delicious, full flavored coffee from ethically-sourced farms across the globe. We seek to share our passion for high-quality, freshly roasted coffee with everyone.


    Our coffee roasting journey began with our own obsession with great tasting coffee and a desire to learn all that we could to improve our own coffee experience.

    Exploring coffee shops across the US while touring with various bands, we stumbled upon a passion for seeking out the best coffees each city had to offer. Each experience provided us with a chance to hone our palates as we encountered exceptional coffee nationwide. We took these experiences home and started our coffee roasting journey.


    We source our beans from the best farms from around the globe through US based importers. Our selection process includes rigorous cupping and tasting trials to determine the best fit for what we end up offering to our customers. To maintain the freshness and quality of our beans, we roast them to order and deliver them within days of roasting.

    Our roasts rotate regularly depending on what’s in season. See what we currently have to offer in our shop.


    Our wholesale options are designed to help local coffee shops, businesses, and restaurants provide exceptional coffee to their customers.

    We take pride in our ability to not only provide high-quality beans, but also educate our clients on how to bring out the best that each cup of coffee has to offer.

    If you're interested in sourcing your coffee beans from New Standard, don't hesitate to contact us.

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